Pakistan Journal of Medical Research

July – September   2011                                 ISSN: 0030-9842                                Volume: 50  No. 3






Original Articles


Diagnostic Yield of Intravenous Urography in a Tertiary Care Hospital                                                              Full Text               93

Mujahid Raza, Shazia Faruqui Khan, Sadaf Ahmed, Shahla Zameer


Comparison of Healing of Duodenal Ulcer with Herbal Medicine Versus Allopathic Medicine           Full Text               97

Waquaruddin Ahmed, Ambreen Arif, Raheel Ather, Syed Ejaz Alam 


Is Raised Helicobacter pylori Antibody Titre Enough to Decide Retreatment?                                                 Full Text               101

Safia Bibi, Waquaruddin Ahmed, Ambreen Arif, Syed Ejaz Alam


Experience of Rubber Band Ligation for Haemorrhoidal Disease                                                                             Full Text              104

Ainul Hadi, Zahid Aman, Farid Anwar, Mazhar Khan, Zafar Iqbal


Rhesus Negative Blood Incompatibility: Knowledge of Primiparous in a Community                                  Full Text              108

Sadia Nasim, M Ayaz Mustufa, Anjum Shahid


Knowledge, Attitude and Practices about Needle Stick Injuries in Healthcare Workers                              Full Text               111

Shahzad Hussain Waqar, Minhaj ul Siraj, Zeeshan Razzaq, Zafar Iqbal Malik, Muhammad Abdul Zahid


Prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus in Rural Adults of District Peshawar                                                                   Full Text              115

Tasleem Akhtar, Iqbal Hussain, Israr Ahmad, Rubina Nazli


Profiling of Antioxidant Superoxide Dismutase in Saliva of Oral Submucous Fibrosis

Patients to Categorize its Diagnosis in Varying Stages                                                                                                     Full Text               120

Yuthicka Sirohi, Devi Charan Shetty,  Aadithya B Urs, Harish Chandra Rai



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